As a Sustainable Oceans NSF Research Trainee, PhD student Hollis Jones was able to spend her first summer interning with Hog Island Oyster Co., a California oyster farm dedicated to developing sustainable aquaculture techniques. She spent 10 weeks immersed in everything from spawning broodstock at their hatchery on Humboldt Bay to unloading shipments of shellfish from other farms for retail at one of their five restaurants. She split her summer between the farm in Tomales Bay, and the hatchery and nursery in Humboldt Bay. This internship shaped her dissertation and she plans to continue to partner with Hog Island to work towards making the commercial oyster industry more resilient to climate change. Great work Hollis!

Out on Tomales Bay surveying oysters for mortality. Photo credit: Maxwell Rintoul

Checking oyster baskets in Tomales Bay during low tide. Photo credit: Remy Hale